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Octopus Double Tank System DT

Octopus Double Tank System mixes and stores powder polymer solution through a separated two tank system. Powder polymer is transported by air which gives maximum wetting efficiency in the Polywet PPW eductor/wetter.

DT is delivered with or without control panel, powder handling, dosing pumps.


  • Compact, Automatic, Hygienic, CE approved
  • Polywet PPW & separate tanks ensures homogenous active solution
  • Octagonal tanks for optimum mixing
  • Big inspection lids for easy access
  • Entirely from thick stainless steel incl stainless full flow valves & pipes
  • New innovative design, High performance PPW wetter/eductor
  • Flexible company highly experienced in design engineering, sludge treatment. Extensive knowledge on chemicals. Complete in house laboratory


ModelTank volume lCapacity kg/h *LWH
DT 050510001,4125010003000
DT 070916002,1150012503000
DT 131730004175015003250
DT 203050005,5225020003500
DT 304070009,1225020004250
DT 4050900011,4225020004750
Approximate data at 0,3% concentration.
Scale drawing
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